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Aku's scientists are a group of evil scientists who are responsible for creating and designing the X-Models and the Beetle Drones in Aku's army.

Beetle Drones Edit

In "Episode L: A Tale of X9," the scientists are said to have created the Beetle Drones as an "upgrade" from the X-Model assassin robots, however, X9 (correctly) believes them to be inferior to the X-series.

In Episode II, a massive army of their Beetle Drones are single-handedly slain by Jack in one of his most heroic efforts; this was one of the only times that the Drones were nearly effective in killing Jack.

Later, despite having fifty years to perfect their designs, their robots are still just a minor inconvenience to Jack, as seen in Episode XCIII, when Jack uses his electronic polearm to impale their largest and most powerful beetle drone to date, only for it to explode without landing a single hit on Jack.

X-Models Edit

In "Episode L: A Tale of X9," the scientists are seen perfecting the design that would become the X-series of assassin robots. One scientist installs an experimental "emotion chip" inside of the robot X9, causing him to outlive the rest of the X-series, only to be destroyed by Jack due to his emotional hubris.