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Badaquas was a Planet in the Mosconian Galaxy. The entire planet's surface was submerged in water, for it's native species' survival.

History Edit

It was only mentioned in Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack by the leader Badaquian, as he was requesting to Aku for immigration to earth, due to the planet having been abducted of it's water supply. The Shogun of Sorrow then proceeded to reveal that it was he who dried their planet water in order to obtain its riches. When a Badaquian boy expressed his anger at Aku for his atrocity, he transported the unfortunate boy to The Pit of Hate. He promised that the boy will return after he has learnt proper respect for the Deliverer of Darkness there, much to the Badaquian leader's grief.

Aku allowed them to stay in the Earth's oceans in exchange for their labour of constructing a massive monolithic monument in his likeness once every month as a sign of his undisputed dominance of the world and its inhabitants.

Badaquas was never mentioned again, with its specific contents remaining a mystery.

The alien worlds' current state is unknown, though without it's primary element present, it is likely dead of any natural life and uninhabitable.