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The Bear Bounty Hunter (conjectural name) was a bounty hunter who appeared in "Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack."


The Bear appears to be a regular black bear, but wearing hunter's clothing, suggesting higher intelligence. He uses his natural strength and claws to fight Jack. However, when Jack swipes at him, nearly severing his arm, he quickly runs away in fear, suggesting cowardice. He does not speak in his only appearance.


  • When the bear runs, he makes "Hanna-Barbera" sound effects, like a Scooby-Doo cartoon.
  • The bear, along with the Centipede Bounty Hunter, is one of the only two characters to fight Jack outside of the bar who doesn't have an official name (Og and Monkar are revealed in the credits, while Huntor's name originates from Dexter's Laboratory).

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