Boris is a bounty hunter who only appeared in the episode "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters".


Boris is a tall, wide bounty hunter with a Russian accent. He along with others were after the bounty on Jack. When he described his plan, it was simple: charge at Jack, Jack's sword breaks on Boris' belly and then Boris "Breaks him, Breaks him, Breaks him!" Mira criticized Boris's plan because he highly underestimated Samurai Jack's abilities. Later when Mira tells the other bounty hunters her plan Boris was among the others to dig the trap. Boris was among the other bounty hunters to charge at Jack and he was defeated when Jack threw Am's mines on Boris, causing an explosion. According to Genndy Tartakovsky, Jack fought humans and sentient creatures in the original series, but never killed them, meaning Boris and the others who were defeated were likely unconscious as of the end of the episode.[1]

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.

Abilities and equipment

Have you always been this stupid?

—Princess Mira to Boris' plans.

Boris lacks intelligence, so he relies on his brute strength, which can be easily defeated by opponents like Mira or Samurai Jack. In combat Boris uses two clubs which he uses to "break" opponents.


"Boris... Biggest, baddest bounty hunter of all, DA!"- Boris revealing his identity to the Barber

"That is much money."


"Da, much money, please!"

"Simple answer: da or no?"


  • Some fans have speculated that Boris could be Da Bomb; Aku's current 2nd favorite assassin (seen in XCVII). This is because his speech pattern is using 'Da' for 'yes' and he had been attacked by I and Am's bombs, therefore being a new nickname to him as Da-Bomb (Especially since it is revealed that he didn't die). Others say that Gentle Jim could be The Gentleman And Jujanga could be DeathBlow.