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No one escapes from the Dome of Doom.

—Prisoner to Jack, Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback


The Dome of Doom first appeared in episode XVI, Jack and the Smackback.

Background Edit

It was a savage arena where creatures from across the land were kidnapped and brought to fight against each other for the entertainment of the audience, until an opponent was either beaten into submission or if the crowd wished, killed. Jack first arrived at the Dome when he was knocked out and led across a desert along with a line of other prisoners by robot slavers. Shortly after arriving Jack found that he was trapped in a dark holding chamber and was greeted by two of the fight slaves in the adjacent chambers who explained why he was brought there. Moments later both of the creatures Jack had spoken to were elevated into the arena and ended up severely beaten in a matter of seconds, one after the other. One of them was named Poogle the Pitiful. Jack had to defeat all nine of the Dome of Doom Champions to survive and free the prisoners that were forced to fight.

Voluntaries Edit

Warriors that participated in the Dome of Doom. Jack had to beat them all in order to free the Dome's prisoners. Below is a list of the Dome of Doom Champions:

  • The Aqualizer: An Aquatic cyborg with lethal weapons and under his helment it is reveled he has a sea worm for a head.
  • Sumoto: A giant sumo who weights 700 Tons and is very ticklish.
  • Torto: A giant turtle that can roll like a bowling ball and and can shoot spikes from his back.
  • Miotis: A Man-Bat-like creature.
  • The Claw: A Yeti Like Creature with long razor sharp Claws.
  • Reptor: A frog monster that uses his tounge as his weapon.
  • Ganeesh: A Hindu deity-like creature with stereotypical Arabian clothing and swords.