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Dust Zombies are undead warriors summoned by Aku that appears in Episode XXX: Jack and the Zombies.

Dust zombies appeared with glowing blue eyes and were based on beings other than just humans as some had alien like features and on one occasion, were somewhat primate like in their movements. Dust zombies are fast and cunning creatures that advance on their target quickly. Despite being deadly, dust zombies were easily defeated, turning to dust after a single attack. The dust zombies are clad in rusty, spiked armor. They are armed with ancient, rusty swords and shields. There appeared to be a few variations of them beyond the standard weapon-wielding ones, including at least one that had extremely long arms with spiny talons for fingers, and another, banshee-like one that was able to fuse herself with Jack's sword, pull it out of his grasp, and make it fly to Aku.


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