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Episode LII: Jack and the Baby is the fifty-second episode in the series and the thirteenth and final episode of the fourth season, where Jack must help a baby find its mother.

After this episode, the series halted (or unofficially cancelled) for creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, had plans to make a movie based on the series; however it wasn't green-lit until late 2008. As of now, the film was in pre-production in 2012, and there has been no word of the production of the movie ever since. The idea of a movie was then scrapped turning the idea of adding a new season of Samurai Jack which will broadcast in 2017 on Adult Swim, a block on Cartoon Network.


Jack rescues a baby and then tries to find the child's mother while caring for it and protecting it from hungry ogres. During this episode Jack retells the story of Momotaro to the baby. After returning the baby to its mother, the mother notices the stern face on her baby. Jack apologizes and explains that he now has Sakai or The Spirit of the Samurai. While Jack walks away onto his next destination, the baby looks on and shouts 'MOMOTARO!'


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • This is the last episode to be produced before the series cancellation in 2004, and the last episode to premiere on Cartoon Network.
    • The series was revived in 2017, broadcasting new episodes on Adult Swim.