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Episode VI: Jack and the Warrior Woman

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Jack and the Warrior Woman
Season 1, Episode 6
Prod. code 106
Roman Numeral VI
Airdate November 19, 2001
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"Episode VI: Jack and the Warrior Woman" is the sixth episode in the first season of Samurai Jack. Jack is being aided by a strange woman, in his quest to find a powerful jewel that may have been capable of helping both; however was she hiding some ulterior motive...



  • There are foreshadowings of Ikra's true self by the end of the episode.
  1. When the shaman senses the 'ultimate evil', his last line said to Jack, "You don't understand!"
  2. After Jack and Ikra escape from Aku's robots, the robots simply stop their chase and close their eyes with satisfaction, awaring of a trickery.
  3. After a mouse feeds food from Jack, the mouse is scared of Ikra and digs itself to run away.
  4. There is a height difference that Ikra is slightly taller than Jack.
  5. At the bounty Ikra seemed to enjoy the female belly dancer but when the male one came she seemed disturbed hinting that she's actually male.
  6. When the jewel tests Jack and Ikra's hearts, it found out that Ikra is pure evil. The guardian mainly tries to fire its blast to Ikra (besides Jack not wanting to fight)
  7. Near the end, Ikra can fly and becoming a giant to defeat the jewel guardian.
  8. Ikra's evil laughter changes to Aku's voice in front of a confused Jack
  9. Aku's voice is heard despite having Ikra's face when he/she says "It is I" 
  10. Aku briefly changes to Ikra's voice by saying his name after his disguise is removed.

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