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Episode VII: Jack and the Three Blind Archers

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Jack and the Three Blind Archers
Season 1, Episode 7
Prod. code 107
Roman Numeral VII
Airdate August 20, 2002
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Jack and the Warrior Woman
Jack versus Mad Jack

Episode VII: Jack and the Three Blind Archers is the seventh episode in the first season of Samurai Jack. Jack must get past three powerful archers to reach a wish-granting well.


The episode begins with a Viking chief and his large army of robot Vikings marching in the forest getting for battle. In an attempt, the Viking chief and his army march to get to the Well of Ozric that is guarded by three blind archers. But just when they got close to the the tower, a rain of arrows shower the sky from the tower, hitting the Vikings from below and destroying every robot with accurate and deadly precision.

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