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Episode XIV: Jack Learns to Jump Good

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"Episode XIV: Jack Learns to Jump Good" is the fourteenth episode in the second season of Samurai Jack. Jack helps a peaceful tribe defend themselves against attacks in return for lessons on how to "jump good."


The episode begins with Jack attempting to get through another time portal, however, after defeating a swarm of beetle drones, just as he gets close, Aku appears and takes the portal out of Jack's reach. Later, while travelling through a forest, Jack comes across a man who has exceptional jumping abilities. After talking with the man, Jack is taken to meet his tribe who will teach him to jump as well as he can. Upon reaching the tribe, Jack discovers it is a tribe of apes who raised the man from a young age. While eating, the tribe is attacked by another tribe of larger, aggressive apes who attempt to steal their food. After Jack defeats the rival tribe, he offers to teach them how to defend themselves in exchange for teaching him how to "jump good" like they can. Jack proceeds to show them how to make weapons and traps, and wield a staff. The monkeys then attach very heavy rocks to Jack and make him perform various exercises, in order to strengthen his muscles to be able to jump high.

Once he has mastered the exercises, Jack removes the rocks and can leap effortlessly into the air. Jack thanks the ape man and leaves of the tribe. Later, the rival tribe returns, and the ape man leads his tribe against the attackers. Hearing the noise, Jack returns only to discover the tribe has defeated their attackers. Warning the apes never to come back, the tribe catapults them away. Jack smiles, satisfied that his work is done.

No, Jump Good

"No, Jump Good"

Later, Jack battles and defeats more of Aku's beetle drones and approaches the time portal once more. As before, Aku appears and lifts the portal up into the air, but Jack leaps up and slashes him. Aku is left completely in shock and exclaims "You can fly!?", but Jack simply answers "No, jump good."


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • Aku: YOU CAN FLY?!
    Jack: No, jump good.