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"Episode XLI: Robo-Samurai versus Mondo Bot" is the forty-first episode in the fourth season of Samurai Jack. This episode features Jack aiding the survivors of a robot city against their former protector.


Jack wanders through a deserted and decimated city, while two robots watch him from the shadows. A large beam of energy suddenly attacks Jack, forcing him to run, having many close calls, one of the robots hopelessly stating "There is no escape". He eventually discovers the one behind the beam to be a massive towering robot. The robot continues to attack Jack in different manners as he runs through the city. The hidden spoken robot looks on in amazement at Jack's seemingly impossible feats of agility. Jack is able to reach a high point, allowing him to jump and latch onto the robot's head. He unsheathes his sword and plunges it in. The hidden robot, at the sight of the sword, determines that Jack is "the one". The giant robot releases small drones that use stun blasts to render Jack unconscious, causing him to fall of. The hidden robot orders his flight capable companion to rescue Jack.

Jack awakens after being tended to. The robot that orchestrated his rescue, Max, reveals that they are in the sewers of the city, Andromeda. He informs Jack the attacker and its origin. The robotic citizens built the robot, referred to as Mondo-Bot, as a protecter against any and all threats to their city, but something went wrong and Mondo-Bot turned on them, laying waste to the city. The survivors have had to live beneath ever since. Max says that Jack is the key. Andromeda was been built above an ancient, magic city of giants, who would be capable of destroying Mondo-Bot, and Jack weilds the same weapon as they did. Max instructs Jack to swim into the sunken city to find the key, providing him with a breathing apparatus. Jack does as instructed, swimming in the deep water until he comes across The Giant, a large armored samurai golem. The Giant appears to come to life, firing an optic beam at Jack that pulls him in to merge, giving Jack control. 

Jack, as the giant, emerges from the ocean and enters the city, silently challenging Mondo-Bot. Mondo-Bot opens fire on The Giant, firing many bullets, missles, an optic laser and an explosive chest laser, which are unsuccesful in delivering any damage. The Giant unsheathes its sword, a katana, while Mondo-Bot draws a double edged sword. The two titans clash blades until they break, forcing them to fight hand to hand. The Giant easily breaks most of Mondo-Bot's limbs and caves in his head, forcing him to unleash his most destructive beam from his chest while unleashing wires that pierce The Giant's surface. The Giant crushes the barrel, forcing the beam to exit out of Mondo-Bot's back, finally destroying him.

The Giant submerges back into the ocean and releases Jack, who comes back to the surface and smiles at Max and his earlier companion, who were observing the fight.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman

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