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"Episode XLIV: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters" is the forty-fourth episode in the fourth season of Samurai Jack. This episode features a group of extremely deadly bounty hunters and an even more dangerous warrior princess teaming up together in order to capture Jack.


The episode begins in an Arctic region somewhere in the North in a barber shop where a huge, hulking man is getting a hair-cut from a talkative barber. As he is cutting the man's hair he is distracted by five famous bounty hunters as they walk past his window. He identifies them as Jujunga, An Australian Aborigine marksman whose primary weapon is a flute (didgeridoo) that acts as a blow gun, I and Am, two humaniod cats that seem to "share the same mind" who constantly finish each-other's sentences and usually talk in rhythm, The Gentleman, a handsome and polite southern man who specializes in knives, and an un-known mystery man wearing armor similar to Darth Vader. The hulking man then reveals himself as Boris: "biggest, baddest bounty hunter of all".

The six hunters all meet at an isolated cabin all for the same purpose: to destroy Samurai Jack and claim the reward Aku has put on him. They each discuss their own methods on how they plan to kill Jack: Jujunga plans to play his flute as Jack walks by and shoot him with a poison dart once he is completely off guard, The Gentleman plans to take advantage of Jack's focus by throwing a cloak in the air both as a shield to protect himself and also as a decoy which will allow him to throw two daggers through the cloak and kill Jack, I and Am plan to double team Jack by having I entangle Jack's legs in chains making him unable to move while Am attacks from above dropping bombs on Jack, and Borris plans to rush Jack and have him break his sword on his armor and then pummel Jack with his clubs. The mystery hunter assures them that all their plans will fail and that Jack will kill them all if they act alone. The hunter is then revealed to be a woman named Princess Mira, the princess of a kingdom enslaved by Aku. She wants to use the bounty to free her people and if the others help her she will pay then the full amount plus 10 fold. 

Mira's plan is for them to dig holes for each of the them to hide in and wait for Jack to appear. They will then spring from their holes and I will throw his chain at Jack and relieve him of his sword. Jujunga will then shoot his poison dart at Jack causing him to lose focus. Then Boris, the Gentleman, and Mira will gang up on Jack and beat him to the point where he cannot run then Am will appear from the sky and finnish him off with his bombs. The bounty hunters all agree the plan is the best one so far and agree to help Mira. 

Am sneaks away in the trees to keep and eye out for Jack while the others dig their holes. When Am alerts them of Jack's approach they head to their holes and begin a long and intense wait. Jack finally appears and the hunters strike. However, the assault ends in disaster: Am is able to grab the sword but Jack grabs it back and throws him aside, killing him. He then kills Jujunga and slashes the chain. The Gentleman attacks Jack but he is able to dodge both his cloak and daggers and kills him. Mira takes a swing at Jack but he breaks her sword and her mask. Am throws his bombs at Jack but he catches them and throws them at Boris who is then killed in the explosion. Jack then kills Am, leaving only the Mira alive. Mira, out of desperation, pulls a dagger and considers facing Jack herself. Jack waits patiently for her to make her move. After realizing she stands no chance against Jack on her own, Mira gives up and falls to the ground in tears. Jack then walks away without looking back.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • If it is indeed the case that Jack killed all these bounty hunters, then this would mark the first time he has actually killed a flesh and blood being, since all of his other victims are either robotic or demons.
  • There is a continuity issue at the enactment of the plan; I is shown throwing the initial chain, however in the next scene it is Am again.
  • Several times, Jujunga refers to his instrument as a flute, and while playing it can be seen alternating his finger position as if to change the pitch. The instrument is clearly a didgeridoo, a musical instrument native to the Australian Aborigines, which is controlled entirely by the pitch of ones breathing, and thus does not feature finger holes, nor require finger movement at all.
  • This is the first episode where Jack doesn't have a single line of dialogue.
  • Mira tends to point out each bounty hunter's plans will fail, which includes:
    • Jujunga: Jack has sharp senses, knowing when he will attack and when he will not.
    • The Gentleman: Jack has discipline and will not be easily tricked, and the decoy won't be strong enough to work on Jack.
    • I and Am: While she does compliment their plan being on the right track, Jack is cunning and very hard to restrain, and with the sword being intact on his hand, Jack will keep up against them.
    • Boris: She considers Boris being an idiot as he heavily underestimated Jack and not knowing what Jack can actually do.

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