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Episode XLIX: The Four Seasons of Death

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"Episode XLIX: Seasons of Death" is the forty-ninth episode in the fourth season of Samurai Jack. Jack must face four evils, each one on a different season of the year.



Jack is attacked by apparitions while journeying across a vast desert. He tries to fight them off but the sword does not affect them and their numbers keep on growing. He continues fighting anyway, despite the fact that the heat and his continuous movement are wearing him down. At the final moment, when he is about to be struck by one of the attacking apparitions, the wind rushes past and he realizes that they are not even real; he has nothing to fear. He continues on and the image of a lush, tropical oasis appears before him. Jack keeps walking, determined not to be fooled again, and falls into the lake; pleasantly surprised. He faced his hardship and came unto a better place.


A short, mischievous evil scientist gathers ingredients for a potion that will be invisible, tasteless, and scentless when mixed with water. He successfully creates it, and then pours the potion into a well before he hides in a nearby bush to wait for his first victim. Jack comes across the well and goes to have a drink, but the scientist unknowingly gives himself away in his excitement and Jack realizes that it's a trap.  He pretends to drink, goes into death convulsions and plays possum; when the scientist goes to check on the "body", Jack suddenly spits the tainted water into the scientist's mouth instead. His surprise forces him to swallow the water and he cries out in horror: he dies as his body mass is turned into leaves that blow away in the wind. Jack destroys the poisoned well with one sword swing as he moves on.


A tribe of creatures forge a sword from the elements fire and ice, and imbue it with lightning magic so powerful it kills the caster. Then they gather every warrior in their tribe and fight till only one is left standing to decide who will wield it. That one goes and waits for Jack along his path. And at the moment it starts it ends as well. Jack destroys the sword they put everything into with but a single strike. Jack's strength, his will and the history of his ancestors is stronger than theirs.


Jack enters an area full of nothing but thorns. As he continues the thorns sprout flowers, the barren dirt grows lush greenery, and the entire atmosphere changes. Then out of a giant flower sprouts a woman who convices Jack to rest with her and take a break from his quest. He obliges, and lays his head in her lap, completely relaxed, but he is plagued by visons of Aku that keep him alert. As he tries to leave he is forced back bown and realizes that he has been tricked. But as he goes to attack her the greenery rushes up around him and the illusion is dispelled, he is back in the barren field of thorns. The woman watches as he flees, but instead of being angry, she settles into an almost knowing, unsettling smile...

It is possible that she was in fact a benevolent spirit who wish to test Jack and discreetly reminded him of his mission to vanquish Aku.

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