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Episode XXIII: Jack versus Demongo, The Soul Collector

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"Be Careful, Samurai."
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"Jack versus Demongo, The Soul Collecter" is the twenty-third episode in the second season of Samurai Jack. In this episode, Jack faces a powerful enemy in the form of Demongo, Aku's disciple and one of his most powerful minions.


Aku has had enough of Jack's interference and summons his disciple Demongo, who possesses the power to steal the essence of powerful warriors and ferocious beasts alike and use them as pawns to battle his other enemies. He sends Demongo to find and defeat Jack and steal his essance.

Jack appears, trekking through a canyon. Soon he is confronted by Demongo himself. After introducing himself and announcing his intentions, Demongo plucks a skull from his chest and hurls it at Jack. It lands at Jack's feet and, after a jolt of power from Demongo, it transforms into a huge, hulking creature called Titan. Jack battles the gigantic beast and finally defeats it by tricking into striking the canyon wall and causing a boulder to fall onto it. Jack approaches Demongo, intending to destroy him next, but the evil demon merely laughs and retrieves the essence of the monster.

Laughing maniacally, Demongo launches out four more skulls which each produce a new opponent. Jack now faces a samurai warrior with a naginata, a medieval knight with spiked flail arms, a four-armed Vishnu-like warrior, and a Tiger man. Apparently, each of these warriors once opposed Aku until Demongo stole their essence. Jack battles hard and eventually defeats the four, only for Demongo to almost immediately resurrect them all along with the Titan. Demongo reveals that with the warrior's essence, no matter how many times Jack defeats them, he can simply bring them back again. Jack defeats his foes once again, but Demongo releases hundreds of skulls, spawning an army of powerful warriors and monsters that chase Jack.

Jack is momentarily able to evade the army by hiding in a side passage, but he is attacked by one of the horde. Jack kills the beast but it's essence returning to Demongo gives away Jack's position. Jack fights on but with every swing of his blade, his strength wanes. Jack finally decide that he must find away inside Demongo and stop him from using his stolen essence. As he defeats another foe, Jack grasps the wisp of essence as it returns to Demongo. Pulled along, Jack finds himself within the completely shocked Demongo. Jack finds all of the warriors in a dormant state, waiting to be called into action with a circle of blue fire containing them. Jack severs all of the fiery circles, freeing the warriors. In a blast of light, a powerless Demongo finds himself surrounded by all of the warriors he had imprisoned, now free and looking for revenge. As they close in on their prey, Jack walks off into the sunset.

Later, Aku is seen holding the defeated Demongo within a glass skull. Demongo begs for forgiveness but Aku refuses and angrily crushes the skull in his fist.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • In the game Fusion Fall on, Demongo looked as he did in the beginning of this episode, meaning he most likely collected more souls after this episode.
  • One of the warriors Demongo summons resembles Donatello of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • One of the warriors is voiced by renowned Asian-American actor George Takei.