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"Episode XXVI: Jack's Sandals" is the twenty-sixth episode in the second season of Samurai Jack. This episode features Jack's geta, the wooden sandals he wears, being run over by a bike gang causing him to search for new footwear in order to fight effectively.


The episode begins with Jack relaxing by a stream when a biker gang almost drive over him before he managed to jump out of the way however he quickly discovers that they had inadvertently destroyed his geta. After tracking them down and confronting them, Jack discovers that he could not fight properly without any foot wear due to the environment. As the biker gang drives off, a kindly yet somewhat eccentric shoe store owner whom Jack had saved from the bikers earlier offered him any type of footwear he wishes from the store.

Unfortunately, this led to some comical events, including mechanical limbs that shut down if not attached to a power source, fish tank shoes that shattered after a few steps and inflated shoes that, when punctured, caused Jack to fly around uncontrollably before luckily landing him in a crowd where he saw a young boy also wearing geta. After reaching a jet repair shop where Jack saw the young boy go in to, he found that the boy's father made geta, who also agreed to craft new ones for Jack and after the latter had finished dining with the family, he went off to face the biker gang who became fearful after seeing that Jack now possessed a new pair of sandals.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • This episode reveals that Jack hand makes the straw hats he's often seen wearing.
    • It also reveals in flashback that Jack's mother taught the trade.
  • Both the name of the shoe store (Foot Chalet) and the owner's clothing are a parody of the real-world store Foot Locker.
    • The store advertises "Aku Air", The Future's version of Nike Air trainers.
  • The name of the repair shop (Tengu-Jet Repair) also has a deeper meaning: Tengu being a legendary avian creature in Japanese folklore, hinting to the owner's ethnicity and passion for keeping alive the culture of the past. The punctuation of the sign could also imply that the flying vehicle commonly seen in cities are collectively known as Tengu-Jets.
  • The motorbike ridden by the leader of the biker gang bears a strong resemblance to Jack's Motorbike that he rides in the Season 5 premiere, down to the weaponized spikes in the tire tread, which (along with Jack's new tactic of keeping the equipment of his defeated foes) implies that he took it from a similar biker gang during the 50 year timeskip.

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