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Episode XXXII: Jack and the Travelling Creatures is the thirty second episode in the third season of Samurai Jack. This episode featured Jack coming across a group of mysterious creatures that led him to a time passage only to find The Guardian.


Samurai Jack was guided by many creatures that helped him find the time portal. When Jack came to the portal, the Time Guardian told Jack that he will not come yet. The Guardian was undefeatable. Once Jack was injured, the portal told the Guardian to stop fighting. A pterodactyl sent Samurai Jack away. As Jack was carried away the Guardian apologized to him, but said he couldn't use it just yet, an image appearing in the portal of Jack with a beard, years older than he is now showing that he will indeed use the portal one day.


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  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman


  • This episode shows how Jack's journey will end and in a way serves as the true finale for the series despite the show never depicting Jack returning to the past.
  • The image of Future Jack in this episode appears similar to the promotional images of Jack from Season 5, hinting that this portal may reappear again.

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