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Episode XXXVIII: The Birth of Evil, Part 2

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"Episode XXXVIII: The Birth of Evil, Part 2" is the thirty-eighth episode in the third season of Samurai Jack. This two part episode features Jack's father continuing his battle with Aku.


With Aku incinerating and massacring The Emperor's kingdom as he watches helplessly trapped on a dark tree, Odin's white horse (named Sleipnir) comes and frees him taking him to a high mountain where he meets the three gods Ra, Vishnu, and Odin who explain what Aku is and taking the pure spirit from him the gods in the form of three monks forge a enchanted sword.

Armed with the sword and reinvigorated with silver shining armor The Emperor charged back to battle Aku when Aku laughed and said have you learned nothing no mortal blade can harm him the emperor slashed into Aku and caused harm that alarmed him, The Emperor then explained the sword for Aku to respond with a simple BAH and started to blast at him with his eye beams, dodging the beams or deflecting them and slashing Aku's form again he roared in pain and turned into a flying dragon and chased after him but before he could eat the emperor he slashed his head off and fell down, Aku then morphed into a spider and charged and managed to knock the emperor away. Then Aku exploded in a rain of black goo of his substance and took the armor of fallen warriors and became a whole army first laughing insanely, then glaring stupidly, and then they attacked. Each one was cut down by the emperor until one was left now looking scared. As Aku fled in terror the emperor thrust the sword into him and morphed him onto it, he then shoved the sword in the ground and Aku is sunk into it and is then turn into a big craggy tree as he vows to return. The Emperor goes back to his wife after hearing a baby cry and holds his newborn son. He then tells his wife they must have a plan in case Aku returned.


  • Casting by
    • Collette Sunderman

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