Josephine was an independent, American bounty hunter, the ex-wife of Zeke, who aims to collect the bounty on Samurai Jack as he travels through the West. She appears in Episode XXIX: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected her existence in the future.

Character Outline

Josephine is a beautiful woman with dark eyes, dark hair and an even darker nature. She has a flirtatious side to a violently sadistic personality, using her feminine charms to lure her male targets into a false sense of security before striking in the style of a femme fatale.

She also has an intense rivalry with her ex-husband Zeke, with whom she once had a profitable partnership across the Western Territories, most notably Kansas City. However the two suffered a falling out that ultimately forced Zeke to declare a restraining order of 150 feet against Josephine. Given the fact that she turned on him to get the whole bounty for herself, it is no wonder why their marriage fell apart.

Abilities and Skills

As a bounty hunter, Josephine possesses a wide array of skills including:

  • Bartitsu: Trained in the art of gentlemen's combat, Josephine is adept at using ordinary objects such as an umbrella to fight.
    • Weaponized Parasol: Much in the fashion of Sherlockian villains such as Professor Moriarty or Lord Blackwood, Josephine's favorite weapon is a seemingly innocuous custom parasol that contains a retractable sword in its tip, bladed ribs to trap enemies, and a chain in the handle that can be fired to trip fleeing enemies.
  • Master Tracker: Josephine is noted to possess greater tracking skills than her ex-husband, Zeke, does, easily following the samurai onto a train under the guise of a civilian, while her former lover wastes time attempting to sneak past security.
  • Seductress: She is especially effective at using her feminine charms to subdue her quarry without causing alarm, tempting and extracting information from unsuspecting men.
  • Expert Marksman: Josephine owns twin revolvers which she whips out against particularly challenging opponents, although her skill with them was handily outmatched by Jack's agility.