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Kuni is a little girl who appeared in Episode XXXV: Jack and the Haunted House.


Kuni's family was captured by a demon. She ran in the woods, when Jack met her, she ran back in the house and Jack followed.

It is revealed through a series of spooky events within her house that she and her family are haunted by a demon that captures and imprisons souls, and can create areas over which it has physical control, thus allowing it to corner further prey.

Kuni frequently appeared guilty towards Jack as he attempted to escape the house, knowing that she had trapped him there. Once Jack defeats the monster and frees the souls of her family, she becomes happy and grateful.


  • Kuni was the only member of her family that wasn't captured by The Soul Eater, although it likely spared her simply to use her as bait to lure in more victims.
  • Kuni is similar to Jack.