is a minor antagonist appearing in Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback.

Character outline

Maotis is one of the Dome of Doom Champions. He is a bat-like creature. He attacks with his ability to fly & his razor sharp teeth. Sometimes he assists with other Champions to take down the opponents.


Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback

Maotis is one of the last 6 Champions summoned by the Ringmaster after Jack has defeated the first 3 Champions. Maotis took action by taking flight, and attempted to attack Jack with his sharp teeth, but only letting his teeth sliced blunt by Jack. He assisted The Claw by carrying him closer to destroy Jack, but Jack had made use of Reptor's tongue to grapple both Maotis & The Claw to the audience seats, killing both of them.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.