Public Works and Utilities Building

The Public Works and Utilities Building is a large skyscraper appearing in the episode Jack and the Gangsters. The tower appears to be the most prominent feature of the city, and serves a centralized source of water for much of the area (Made evident by large drainpipes constantly spewing water into the bay at the base of the tower). The tower houses the Jewel of Neptune- a powerful jewel that can be used to control the world's water supplies, which is later stolen by Jack during the heist.


Long ago, the Goddess of Water created the Jewel of Neptune and placed it inside a mountain. Because of its ability to control the waters of the world, the jewel was highly sought after by Aku for evil purposes. The Goddess defeated Aku before he could succeed, and summoned the forces of nature- Earth, Wind, and Fire (The Elementals)- to guard the jewel, which they have done for centuries- thereby making it impossible for Aku to steal it. The Public Works and Utilities Building was built in the place of the mountain sometime afterward, presumably to further protect the jewel as well as harness its power to provide water for the city.


  • The tower section of the building appears to resemble the spire and top several floors of Terminal Tower, a historic skyscraper and railroad terminal complex in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.