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The Rams were minor characters in Season 5 of Samurai Jack.


The rams appeared to be little, presumably younglings, with pink wool and white fur.

When the rams were corrupted by Aku, they became large, demonic bulls with two pairs of horns identical to Aku's and a set of sharp teeth. Their eyes glowed purple.


In Episode XCVIII it was revealed in a flashback that Jack was followed by three little curious rams when he traveled to the top of a mountain that has a time portal. However Aku, pulled Jack from the portal before he reach the past and then destroyed the portal. Aku then taunted Jack that it was the last time portal in existence. This in turn triggered the return of Mad Jack and then Aku corrupted the rams into monstrous bull-like versions of themselves before leaving the scene. Jack later butchered the rams in blind fury, which he felt deep remorse for. A slab of rock suddenly crashed down and Jack managed to avoid it, but the impact sent his katana falling down the deep hole where the time portal once materialized. When Jack traveled to the depth of the hole to find his katana with Ashi, he realized that the katana has abandoned him because he has succumbed to his anger.

Over a long period of time, Jack came back to the mountain where the portal was and saw the bones of the rams and he felt remorse for them. Ashi used one of the ram's horns as a makeshift dagger when she dueled with her mother.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected their existence, but they most likely came back to life since there was no Aku to corrupt them or Jack to kill them.


  • Both sheep and cattle are members of the Bovidae family, which also includes antelope and goats. Which also makes sense that the rams' corrupted forms resemble bulls than actual rams.