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The Rebel Army is a band of warriors gathered together by The Scotsman to fight Aku and end his reign of terror on Earth.


Fifty years after Jack arrived to the future, The Scotsman started to gather an army of warriors to find Aku's palace and destroy him. The people he gathered includes an army of humans tank operators, an army of rhino riders, and the Scotsman's daughters. He and his army eventually find Aku's palace and gives the order to attack. Aku emerges from the palace and destroys the tank operators and the rhino riders while the daughters retreat on Scotsman's orders. Aku moves to destroy the daughters but the Scotsman distracts Aku for them to escape and is killed in the process. The Daughters mourn their father's death, only for him to be revived as a ghost through Celtic magic and tells his daughters they will raise another army to battle Aku while also finding Jack.

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