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The Robot Motorcycle Gang are four robots that appeared in Episode: XXXIII Jack and the Creature

They are four humanoid robots that work as bounty hunters. They are dressed in the form of greasers. They drive a muscle car and armed with machine guns.They attacked Jack in a desert. They were skilled enough to defeat almost any target, even Jack. Although they were destroyed by the Creature who prevented them from finishing Jack.





Holly is a pink-purple female robot and one of the deadliest and only female member and also the only member that doesn't have black hair. She wears a pink dress with a black and white top and is a master firearms.She is armed with a scoped assault rifle. When she is out of ammo or her gun is destroyed, Holly will detach one of her arms and attach it to the other, making the arm longer and expand her fingers to become sharp claws. This allows her to melee attack her enemies from a slightly far range. The creature destroyed her by simply landing on her.




Larry is the driver of the robots' red car. He is a green robot that wears a black jacket and a white shirt inside and is also the smallest robot from the rest, Holly being the second. Larry is armed with a special dart gun that can fire three darts at once. The darts that he fires are capable of tranqualizing a limb of a person. He used this to tranqualize Jack's arm, preventing him from using his sword. The creature destroyed him by smashing him.




Tony is an orange fat robot that wears a red hat and a blue shirt with a name tag that says 'Tony'. Tony like Holly is also armed with scoped assault rifle.Tony is able to open his mouth wide enough to swallow a human. Tony tried to bite Jack but instead, Jack dodged every chomp and slashed Tony in the chest several times, however this had no real effect on him. The creature destroyed him by slashing him into pieces.




Elvin is the leader of the Wild Ride Robots and the strongest and biggest one with muscular arms. He is a blue robot that wears a blue jacket. Unlike Tony, Larry and Holly, Elvin's eyes are two red light bulbs. Elvin is an excellent brawler that wounded Jack many times during the battle. He was destroyed when the creature chewed him to bits.

Physical AppearancesEdit

For Holly, she wears a pink dress, a pink scarf, yellow eyes, a white shirt with a black vest, a pink bow and yellow hair worn in a ponytail

For Tony, he wears a white shirt with a blue shirt over it with his name tag on it, blue eyes, black hair, a red hat and black pants

For Elvin, he has two red ligtbulbs for eyes, a red scarf, a black shirt with a blue jacket and black pants

For Larry, he has a whitish-yellow shirt, a black jacket, a yellow eyes, a brown stick coming from the shirt and pants


They were defeated when the Creature attacked them. Getting landed on by it for Holly, getting smashed by it for Larry, slashed into pieces by it for Tony and chewed into bits by the creature for Elvin