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The Samurai Jack comics was a monthly American comic book ongoing series chronicling the travels of Samurai Jack. The comic book series follows up Season 4 of Samurai Jack of a time-displaced samurai warrior Jack in his singular quest to find a method of travelling back in time and defeating the tyrannical demonic wizard Aku.[1]

In February 2013, IDW Publishing announced a partnership with Cartoon Network to produce comics based on its properties. Samurai Jack was one of the titles announced to be published. It was further announced at WonderCon 2013 that the first issue of Samurai Jack would debut in October 2013.[2]  The first comic in the series was released October 23, 2013.[3]

Beginning with a five-issue storyline called Rope of Eons. Suriano, who designed characters for the show, reflected on returning to the popular character via press release: “Returning to Samurai Jack is such a personal experience and labor of love for me. It’s like stepping through a time portal back to characters I know as friends and a world that really launched my animation career.” The comics ended on September 2015, with 20 issues.


After the follow up of episode 52, we find Jack crossing the desert to find a wise old hermit living in a cave. He seeks help on his unending quest to go back in time. The sage tells him that Aku learned his mastery of time travel through an ancient relic known as the Rope of Eons. He studied it, and absorbed its power before destroying it, so others couldn't learn its secrets. However, if the strands are gathered, they can be reassembled to form a rope once again. With that Jack sets off and crosses the desert to find a remote underground Colosseum where the first strand lies.[4]

Classic Volumes

The Classic Volumes are series of comics based on the events that happened before and during the TV series for Samurai Jack. The 136 page collection focuses on Jack's origin story and was released November 12, 2013. Simply put, Aku the demon wizard has enslaved Jack's people. Jack inherits a mystical katana and beats Aku in battle only to be sent far into the future where Aku's grip's is all-reaching and all-powerful. Thus starts Jack's quest to journey back to his original time so he may finish what he and Aku started. The rest consists of short tales of Jack liberating others from Aku's hold, before passing along to the next town in true drifter style.[5] The artwork for the Classic Volumes is done by Ricardo Garcia Fuentes (commonly known as Micro) who also illustrated Jack in the Cartoon Network: Action Packs comic.[6] Volume 2 of the Classic Volumes is set to be released on April 22, 2014.[7] The comics ended on September 2015.


Samurai Jack comics overview
Issue No. Issue Title Overview Release Date
1Samurai Jack and the Threads of TimeJack is stranded in a strange future ruled by the demonic wizard, Aku. His quest to return to the past has tested him many times, but now the stakes are higher than ever. Can an ancient relic known as the Rope of Eons finally take him home? [8]October 2013
2The Threads of TimeJack can defeat almost any foe in single combat, but how will he fare against a pair of perfectly synchronized warriors who can exploit his every weakness?[9]November 2013
3The Threads of TimeJack's travels bring him to a village filled with tension and mystery. Can he discover the town's strange secret before Aku's robotic army invades? Our samurai hero's quest to gather the Threads of Time continues.[10]December 2013
4SolicitationA mystic queen of great power and beauty accepts no criticism, especially from a lowly wandering samurai. Can Jack find another one of the Threads of Time before he’s imprisoned for royal heresy?[11]January 2014
5SolicitationMartial artists, warriors, nobles, monsters and more… Samurai Jack has defeated them all in his quest to gather the Threads of Time. Now, one last strand remains in the lair of Aku the demon wizard. Can Jack defeat his greatest foe and return to the past?[12]February 2014
6SolicitationThe return of the Scotsman! The humungous highland hooligan and the stoically stalwart samurai team up once again! This time they battle against a bizarre mystic curse that—okay, that part’s a secret but trust us, it’s a doozy![13]March 2014

Appearance in other comics

Title Issue(s) Release Date(s)
Cartoon Network: Action Packs[14]1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20July 2006 - February 2008
Cartoon Network: Super Sampler[15]1October 2013


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