Introducing...the Champion to an all champions...weighting in a mere 700 tons...I give you...Sumoto!

—The Ringmaster introduces Sumoto


Sumoto is a minor antagonist appearing in Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback.


Sumoto is one of the Dome of Doom Champions. He is a giant sumo who weights 700 Tons and is very ticklish. His ability consists of a smackdown called "Sumoto Slam Dive" which could crush his opponents.


Sumoto is the third Champion who was summoned by the Ringmaster after the "defeat" of The Aqualizer. He makes his first move by performing the smackdown from a greater height to kill Jack. But Jack survived, trying to struggle from Sumoto's body. However, because of Jack shaking his head, his topknot had ticked Sumoto. After Jack succeeded to let Sumoto roll over, he continued to tickle Sumoto until he faints from laughter. (Episode XVI: Jack and the Smackback)

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence.