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The Black Mass was a living, non-sapient mass of pure evil from outer space. It is considered to be the source of all evil. Before it could consume the universe, three deities (Odin, Ra, and Vishnu) arrived to exterminate this great evil. The Black Mass would eventually spawn the demonic sorcerer Aku.


The origin of the Black Mass is unknown, although, it is a cosmic entity that is at least tens of millions of years old, if not much older. When it began attempting to destroy the universe, Odin, Ra, and Vishnu arrived to pursue the mass. After a fierce battle, the three gods finally defeated the Black Mass. Unfortunately, it was not completely destroyed: a fragment of the Black Mass drifted away from the battle unobserved and crashed onto the planet Earth circa 65,000,000 BC, exterminating the dinosaurs in the process.

As life on Earth began to evolve anew, many animals, people, and other lifeforms were devoured by the mass as it continually expanded. When the creature approached Feudal Japan, the Emperor (Samurai Jack's father) attempted to destroy the Black Mass with a magical arrow; which only resulted in the Black Mass becoming a sapient and self-aware being. Taking the name Aku, the monster went on to eventually conquer the Earth.

Power and Abilities Edit

The Black Mass is extremely powerful even more than Aku since it takes the power of three primary gods of three different mythology to vanquish its. During the battle, it can harm even the god themselves since it nearly killed Vishnu and Ra if not for Odin's superior power.


Trivia Edit

  • In some ways, Aku's first tale in "Aku's Fairy Tales" greatly parodied the battle between the gods and the Ultimate Evil.

Appearances Edit