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The Empress is the wife of The Emperor and the mother of Samurai Jack. Not much was known about her, but she took Jack away from their hometown when it was destroyed by Aku after he escaped from his imprisonment.

She appeared to be the giver of the magic sword. The only episodes where she spoke were Episode 37 and Episode 43. In Episode 20, Jack had a vision of his mother and father who were forced to work in Aku's Mines. If the vision was correct, then that meant at some point that Aku found her, recognized her as Jack's mother, and captured her. Just like her husband and son, her real name was never given.

She was voiced by Lauren Tom.

Season 5

She appeared in Jack's hallucination telling him that he never came back and sadly accused he has abandoned his family and people, causing them to perished. She appeared in Jack's flashback when a group of outlaws assaulted their carriage to kill The Emperor.

After Jack successfully returned to the past and destroy Aku permanently, she became the Empress of Japan once more. She accompanied Ashi as she was being dressed in her wedding attire, with a proud smile. However, her happiness was short-lived as Ashi vanished before she reach Jack during the wedding, as the past Aku's destruction has undone her own existence. She was last seen with a concerned look on her face as her would-be daughter-in-law suddenly collapsed on the red carpet.


Even though the empress barely speaks in the series, she appears to be very loving and kind, especially towards her husband and son. She deeply worries about their well-being and tries to fulfill her role as a wife and a mother. She also seems to be submissive and easily scared, unlike her husband and son, a sign of her soft nature.