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The Scientists are a group of human scientists that appeared in Episode V: Jack in Space.

Since Aku was destroyed in the past, it is unknown how this affected their existence.


The Scientists are an extremely intelligent group, perhaps more intelligent than the Canine Archaeologists. However, they are weak and they felt insecure when Aku's forces attacked their base.

Two of the scientists, Frederick and Sergei, are given names, while three more, the Idealist, Analyst, and Technician, are credited by their roles rather than their names.

Sergei is a very small and bald scientist with large glasses and a purple helmet. He looks slightly similar to Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Frederick is a portly and nearly bald scientist, also voiced by Jeff Bennett.

The Technician is one of the only (if not the only) female scientist in the group. She is easily the most unique in her gender and her pink space helmet. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

The Idealist is the most unique male scientist based on his full head of hair, pointy nose, and yellow space helmet. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

The Analyst is perhaps the nerdiest looking and youngest scientist. He has a green helmet, perhaps reflecting his age, glasses that are taped in the center, and large buck teeth. He is also voiced by Tom Kenny.


The Scientists all have slightly different appearances. However, one similarity between them is their short stature compared to Jack, who is comparatively tall. They also all wear white spacesuits with colorfully tinted helmets.