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Scotsman 1
The Scotsman
Species Human
Gender Male

Height = 6'6"

First appearance Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 1
Last appearance Episode XLVI: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2
The Scotsman was introduced early on as a rival, and later friend, to Samurai Jack in Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 1. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


The Scotsman appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a man from a region very closely resembling Scotland. The Scotsman, like Jack, is never explicitly named in any of his appearances. He is a large man with red hair that borders on being orange, a barrel chest, and disproportionately small legs, one of which was replaced with an automatic rifle. Throughout the series, he appears the most often out of all the minor characters to aid Jack in some way or another.


Sj17 2

The Scotsman's home

The Scotsman has a personality almost in stark opposite to that of Jack: he is loud, explosive in temperament, always willing to jump into a fight, and enjoys bragging about his fighting prowess. This is not to say that he is a completely different man from Jack. The two warriors have very different ideals, as evidenced by the straightforward fighting tactics of the Scotsman. He also differs from Jack in that he appreciates a different style of life than the Samurai: where Jack enjoys the quiet, serene aspects of life, the Scotsman loves that which spells itself out, and nothing so "namby-pamby" as what Jack likes. Ironically, he is actually considered the "mellow" member of his clan. Nevertheless, he can also recognise situations that require stealth and finesse and can plan accordingly such as when rescuing his wife, he immediately suggests either splitting up (while also highlighting the disadvantages of that idea) or disguising themselves as Celtic Demons to allow easier passage.

Despite their differences, the two are trusting friends and share a mutual respect. When one is in trouble, the other will come to help without hesitation. Likewise the differences in their respective fighting styles actually compliment each other when they fight together rendering the pair almost unbeatable in battle.

However, the Scotsman's can be said to have odd tastes (presumably considered normal in his clan), at least when it comes to his wife. Whenever he talks about her, he refers to her as though she were the most beautiful woman ever to be, and describes everything about her with a romantic metaphor. When she is finally shown to be significantly less than what she was described as being, the Scotsman is shown to be as smitten with her as a schoolboy. Even when she is yelling about his inadequacies in his face he merely looks at her with doe eyed affection, much to Jack's confusion.


The Scotsman was first shown crossing a narrow bridge, where coincidentally Jack was also traveling across. When the two met however, neither wanted to step aside to let the other pass and this led to a comical situation where Jack destroyed The Scotsman's bagpipes after the latter had sliced his hat in two, this led to a fierce battle that lasted for hours where neither had the upper hand, after the two were exhausted they found out that they are both being hunted by Aku after being discovered by bounty hunters where one of them fired a pair of cuff-links that tied the two together, after unsuccessfully attempting to defeat their opponents by each going the other way, Jack slashed the bridge underfoot and sent him and The Scotsman plummeting into the river at the bottom of the ravine. After finding their way to an abandoned village The Scotsman and Jack are once again set upon by the bounty hunters and in the ensuing battle managed to break their chains by miraculously allowing a giant bullet fired from one of the bounty hunter's cannons to break through the chains.

Skills and Abilities


Jack meets the Scotsman's clan

Where Jack limits himself almost exclusively to hand-to-hand combat and his own swordsmanship when not improvising or displaying his expertise in a wide range of traditional weaponry, the Scotsman relies mostly on his sword, inscribed with runes that imbue it with powers similar to those of Jack's sword. Apart from this, the Scotsman uses a fighting style relying on brute strength techniques rather than the finesse that Jack displays, despite this he is perfectly capable of wielding it dexterously in a manner unbefitting its massive size. As well, the automatic rifle that replaced one of this legs is another favorite weapon of the Scotsman; he demonstrates a moderate level of expertise with it and can aim extremely well with it despite the awkwardness of wielding it. The Scotsman has also been known to use small explosives, particularly when combating bounty hunters. Though not a weapon, he also frequently carries a set of bagpipes. Despite being the admitted "mellow" one of his clan he also appears to be one of, if not the most, powerful of his clan given how easily he can sway and silence them, most noticeably when defending Jack from the mocking of his clan (even causing the two rowdiest ones to sweat in nervousness). Aside from that, he appears to be the only being who is immune to the sirens' song as only unpleasant sounds such as his wife's nagging are music to his ears and he is fast for someone of his size. Overall, the Scotsman is one of the most powerful humans seen, such that even Aku seems to see him as a legitimate threat due to the Scotsman being the second most wanted man in the world behind Jack.

  • Master swordsmanship specialist: The Scotsman is a highly talented swordsman; in his first appearance, he proved to be able to fight Jack one-on-one on equal grounds, a feat that few others have accomplished. He tends to rely more on wide swings and two-handed chops but at times he is also remarkably swift and nimble with his sword such as thrusting and stabbing with it like a rapier and easily parrying all of Jack's lightning fast strikes with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced endurance: The Scotsman is also capable of defeating hundreds of opponents before tiring, as well as being capable of roaming tirelessly for days while also carrying a sleeping Jack when the latter had lost his memory, in addition to destroying robot by headbutting it without flinching.
  • Enhanced strength: The Scotsman possesses physical strength sufficient enough to easily lift and throw a tank.
  • Peg leg rifle: Sometimes, the Scotsman will use his peg leg of a rifle on enemies, usually when in large numbers.

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