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Jack meets The Scotsman's Clan

The Scotsman's Clan was, as their name suggests, a Clan of Warriors whom were rebellious towards Aku's rule. They are likely lead by The Scotsman himself.

History Edit

They were only seen in Episode XVII: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2, as they welcomed home The Scotsman and threatened Jack. They had seen him as weak due to his culture and size, until The Scotsman would angrily disprove this by revealing it was Jack who had battled Aku's bounty hunters with him. The Clan then welcome The Prince as an honored guest and serve him a plate of haggis. The Festivities are however brought to a halt by The Dru'it, due to Jack not having proven himself as a "True Man" to be an official ally to The Clan, and to save The Scotsman's Wife. The Noble Samurai is then required to compete in throwing stones with one the largest Clan members to prove himself. The Warrior launches his stone afar, Jack however, struggles, he then has a plan. He congratulates his opponents and offers to shake hands, he then overpowers the Competitor himself, throwing him against his own stone and splitting it, thus making him a "True Man". Jack and The Scotsman leave to continue their journey shortly after.

Personality Edit

The Scotsman's Clan are very similar to The Scottish Warrior himself in personality, as evident by their dislike and underestimation to Jack, judging him by his Robe and even having identical insults to it, calling it a "Dress".

Their festive side is shown when The Scotsman returns, during Jack's welcoming and his victory in the Rock throwing competition.

Skills and Abilities Edit

They are never seen in action, though it can be assumed that they are similar, yet inferior, to The Scotsman in combat, as they are seen with Scottish Claymores of their own and Animal based pouches which may also contain explosives. However, unlike Their Mightiest Warrior, they lack The Magic Runes engraved on his own sword, and his Firearm Peg Leg. The same can be said about their physical strength, as they are slightly smaller than The Scotsman.