The Scotsman's Daughters were the many children of the Scotsman and his wife. They joined their father for a battle against Aku in Episode XCVI.

All are extremely loyal to the Scotsman and love him dearly. Though grown adults, their father shows he's still in charge.


Like Flora, they are all muscular and red-headed and have green eyes. Only the bagpiper appears to be smaller compared to her many sisters. Their strength is most like from both their father's and their mother's sides. And all wear tartan styled outfits.

While Flora may be the leader, her sister Isla the one with by her side, hinting they are both considered the leads of the group.


The daughters of the Scotsman and his wife, it appears they never met Jack, officially. But knew of him, through their father's stories. They raised by their loving and strong parents. It's never really known when they were trained as warriors to join their father's cause against Aku.

The daughters first appear with their elderly father and his army getting ready to launch an attack on Aku. He quickly becomes outraged seeing Flora's outfit. He quickly scolds her and tells her to cover herself before she catches a cold. Embarrassed but complies, he quickly looks at all of the remaining daughters stating "That goes for all of you". All girls just equally annoyed embarrassed, comply with his request. However, their father's attack plan goes wrong. As he swiftly destroys the armies, the Scotsman orders them to retreat.

Though they don't want to leave him, they reluctantly follow his orders. The Scotsman buys his daughters sometime, insulting and praising Jack in front of Aku. Though this cost him, his life as he's killed by Aku. Unknown to Aku, Flora and Isla both see this in shock and horror. Once Aku leaves, daughters return to mourn their father. Fortunately, thanks to the Celtic runes in his sword, he lives on as a ghost in his prime. The Scotsman and his daughters all agree to find Jack and continue the fight against Aku.  (Episode XCII)

The girls are later seen watching Aku's broadcast of him capturing Jack while voicing his intentions of executing him. The daughters are later seen joining in a final battle against Aku with Jack. During which their father gives out their names and believes that his friend would be interested in one of them but Jack declines (to the Scotsman momentarily anger) as he met someone already. Though last seen alive, their existence is unknown after the past Aku's destruction.(Episode CI)


The girls most likely have equal strength and stamina of both parents. They are all well trained in sword fighting and fighting techniques.


  • Flora
  • Maeve
  • Isla
  • Bradana
  • Murdina
  • Alana
  • Oban
  • Ardbey
  • Fiona
  • Assie
  • Bonnie
  • Lorna
  • Mawina
  • Shona
  • Nora
  • Piesil
  • Shanath
  • Euspeth
  • Edme
  • Freya
  • Gilbartha
  • Gesha
  • Grizela
  • Innes
  • Dawntha
  • Cora
  • Davina
  • Kina


The girls mostly fight with traditional medieval weapons such as swords, battle axe and mace.


  • Isla never has a speaking lines though she is seen to lead as much as Flora
  • Compared to their parents, the girls are a little more calmer then their parents demeanors. But thats different when they're in the battlefield.
  • The bagpiper is most likely one of the daughters, though its unknown what her name or which at least.
  • They are almost the show's counterparts of the Daughters of Aku, with major differences in regards to upbringing.
    • Aku's daughters were raised in an uncaring and cruel environment. While the Scotsman and his wife most likely raised all their daughters with love, care and were taught about the world.
    • Also while the Aku's daughters were commanded to slay Jack for Aku, The Scotsman's daughters were raised to help the innocents, value life and oppose Aku's tyranny.
  • Though he often becomes overprotective, all the girls clearly respect their father and were crushed when they saw him killed by Aku.
  • The Scotsman wanted Jack to have one of his daughters as a bride.
  • The eldest named Flora is dressed similar to warrior princesses such as Xena and Wonder Woman.
  • All of them have similarities to amazonian women.