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The Scotsman's Sword

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Scotsman's sword

The Scotsman's Sword

The Scotsman's sword is the prized and signature weapon of the Scotsman. Unlike Jack's Katana, which is a Japanese Katana and used for fast and graceful attacks, the Scotsman's is a Scottish Claymore and is used for powerful strikes that break through defenses. Despite matching Jack's sword in power, it is shown that the sword is no match against Aku, as he destroy it effortlessly with his eyebeam blast.


Scotsman Sword

The Celtic runes on the Scotsman's sword.

Similar to Jack's sword, the Scotsman's sword can cut through nearly any material without effort. Despite its size and weight, the Scotsman can easily wield it and fight at the same speed as Jack with it. The sword is also magical, as it has been inscribed with Celtic ancient runes that make it nearly indestructible and increase its destructive power. This also makes it one of the few weapons capable of matching Jack's sword. When the Scotsman as an old man actually faced against Aku, Aku used a heat blast from his eyes that left the Scotsman vaporized and half of the sword broken off.

The Celtic magic runes were later revealed to let him live on as a ghost after death.