The Stinking Hole 2

The Stinking Hole is a bar that appears in Episode XLV: Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 1. It is a bar filled with "scum and villainy," much like the bar seen in Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack, or the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars. It is located in Heck's Bucket, a crime-infested seaport.


The Scotsman takes Jack to the bar to ask if anyone there has seen him. Unsurprisingly, the bar is filled with mercs and bounty hunters, all of which are familiar with Jack from his wanted poster posted inside the bar. The bar patrons then attempt to take Jack, who the Scotsman shoves in his sheath. They are defeated by the Scotsman, who blows up the bar by shooting a barrel of explosives with his gun leg.

The Stinking Hole 1

The Stinking Hole, moments before destruction.