Modified Tridental Incapacitators were trident-like technological weapons used by the Chritchellites. They appeared in "Episode IV: Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites."


The Tridental Incapacitators were utilized by the Chritchellites in order to conquer and enslave the Woolies. They appear to be three-pronged, pole-like weapons that deliver a painful electrical shock, much like tasers, hence their name and function.

In Season 5, Jack is seen utilizing a weapon of a very similar build and function, possibly indicating that he has lost track of the Bushido code that made him such a powerful and honorable samurai warrior. Notably, he uses it to destroy the largest Beetle Drone ever created with a single throw, abandoning the weapon in the process. It is unknown if Jack will retrieve the weapon, based on his nomadic lifestyle and tendency to rotate weapons in the Fifth Season.