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The Ultra-robots, alternatively called Ultrabots, are eight specially designed intelligent killing machines made to hunt down and eliminate Samurai Jack. They appear in "Episode XVIII: Jack and the Ultra-robots".


The eight Ultra-robots were created by Exdor, against his will, to solely hunt down Jack. They were each given their own unique weapon, studied Jack's fighting skills many times, and were powered by Aku's evil energy. After Exdor completed them, Aku decided to test them on his village, decimating Exdor's home.

Hunting JackEdit

The eight Ultra-robots first appeared after Jack had begun his search for what had been destroying several villages. He soon came upon eight identical baskets, who revealed themselves as the Ultra-robots and revealed that they were the ones who destroyed the villages and did it to lure him out. Jack tried to fight them, but discovered he couldn't even damage them. He soon managed to reach safety thanks to the Ultra-robots' creator Exdor. Exdor then gave Jack a special gauntlet that would increase his physical power and help him cut through the Ultra-robots. Soon, Jack found the Ultra-robots again and used the gauntlet to destroy seven of the eight robots, only for the gauntlet to run out of power. Desperate, Jack called upon the Gods who forged his sword many years ago. The Gods answered his call, empowering his sword with divine energy and allowing him to destroy the last Ultra-robot, ending their menace for good.


Each robot is human-sized, has a thin body structure, and can transform into baskets to hide. Despite their smaller and more harmless appearance compared to other machines, these eight are terrifyingly strong as they were able to destroy countless villages despite being outnumbered every time.

  • Flamethrower
  • Chainclaw
  • Wire
  • Shuriken
  • Gatling Guns
  • Buzzsaw
  • Invisible gauntlets
  • Katana

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each Ultra-robot has incredible speed, strength, and enhanced armor made of Adamantium that not even Jack could cut through without the use of a special gauntlet made by Exdor, or the prayer to the gods. They also have a special vision mode that enables them to find targets that would normally be hidden by obstructions, such as smokescreens. However, each of the eight assassins has a special weapon that is designed specifically for each one. Between the eight of them, they are capable of leveling entire cities. The robot with the two flamethrowers and the robot that fired explosive cords were particularly devastating in that regard. In fact they are the only robot so far that come close in killing Jack.

  • Flamethrower Ultra-robot: This robot has two incredibly powerful flamethrowers for hands that could incinerate entire streets and buildings. First one destroyed when cut in half and blown up by its own flamethrower by Jack.
  • Chain-Claw Ultra-robot: This robot's hands were blade claws connected to chains that could be fired and retracted at will. Second one destroyed after having one hand cut off and horizontally bisected by Jack.
  • Wire Ultra-robot: This robot could fire explosive cords from its chest. Third one destroyed after being stabbed in the chest by Jack, and then accidentally getting shot to pieces by its comrades.
  • Shuriken Ultra-robot: This robot had a propeller-like torso that could fire shuriken at high speeds, covering its targets with a barrage of shuriken. Fourth one destroyed after being shot to pieces by the Gatling Ultra-robot.
  • Gatling Ultra-robot: This robot has two gatling turrets for arms and could fire bullets at the same speed as the Shuriken Ultra-Robot. Fifth one destroyed after having it's arm cut off, cut horizontally at the waist and neck, then had its head cut in half vertically.
  • Buzzsaw Ultra-robot: This robot has two buzzsaws for arms that could cut through solid rock as if it were paper. Sixth one destroyed after getting its left arm cut off and cut at the chest by Jack.
  • Gauntlet Ultra-robot: One of the more dangerous Ultra-robots, this robot has two specialized gauntlets made for brawling, powerful enough to smash solid objects. However, its main power was invisibility, letting it sneak up on targets and pummel them. Seventh one destroyed after having its location revealed by Jack who subsequently cut it to ribbons.
  • Katana Ultra-robot: This is the most simple of the Ultra-robots, but is also the deadliest. This robot has one single semi-futuristic katana, but is a deadly swordsman whose apparently pre-programmed skills could rival Jack's and even put him on the defensive. Eighth and last one destroyed by Jack after he called upon the power of the Gods to increase his sword's power, letting him cut the last Ultra-robot clean in half. Its last words are "Unbelievable".

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