Hello there, my brother Khairiboss0601 is currently busy with an exam week so here am i to announce his speech :/

Greetings Samurai Jack Wiki,

Today marks the last episode of Samurai Jack. Tragic ending but beatifully ended. So this marks the end of chapter of Samurai Jack.

As for us, we need your help for:-

  • Galleries: We need more images, couldn't have done it without you guys and your support.
  • Episode Plot: A few episodes are needed to be put, please do put some more information.
  • Article Stubs: Some of the articles are needed to be expanded. There is lack of information on few pages.

This wiki has been such an awesome project for me, myself, and i am glad that this TV show has inspire us fans to edit.

Keep on editing!

P.S. I know Fear reminded you but currently, i am preoccupied at the moment which explains why i've been inactive lately. :/


Thank you Genndy for making such a masterpiece.