Since we are few days away to the series finale of Samurai Jack.I thought I could show you the fanmade episode titles of season 5 along with the actual roman numerals .Also to remind you that some of the episodes have alternate titles ,If you disagree with the titles then maybe you can come up with your own episode titles for Season 5 also they are based on the previous episode titles from season 1-4

My fanmade episode titles

  • XCII (LIII)-Return of Jack or 50 years later
  • XCIII (LIV) -Daughters of Aku
  • XCIV (LV) -Jack strikes back or Jack's ultimatum or The choices we make
  • XCV (LVI) -Jack in the bowels of the beast or The actions that follow
  • XCVI (LVII) -The Evil Deeds of Aku or The Realm of Aku
  • XCVII (LVIII)-The Good deeds of Jack or Ashi's Enlightenment
  • XCVIII (LIX) - How Jack lost his sword and regains it or How Jack got his sword back or Balance
  • XCIX (LX)- Jack and Ashi
  • C (LXI) - Jack's weakness or Jack's fear or Jack's surrender
  • CI (LXII)-The End


  • I named XCII which for me is LIII Return of Jack because it shows the return of samurai jack after he disappeared from public eyes for 50 years which in meta term for viewers 13 years after the original series was cancelled and 50 years later is because the episode time skips to 50 years later 
  • The reason XCIII or in reality LIV is Daughters of Aku is that Jack is battling the Daughters of Aku
  • XCIV or in reality LV has two titles -Jack strikes back because it has Jack decided to fight against the daughters of aku for self defense since they are not robots , Jack's Ultimatum where Jack is giving an ultimatum to the daughters of Aku to 'Leave, or face their destiny' before they begin their fight and the choices we make is based on Jack's father's advice to his son after he kills his enemies for self defense.
  • I named XCV or in reality LVI Jack in the bowels of the beast is that Jack and Ashi are swallowed by a giant beast and must find a way to get out and the actions that follow is based on another part of Jack's father's advice to his son about the aftermath of his ultimatum to the daughters of Aku 
  • XCVI or in reality LVII which i named it as The Evil Deeds of Aku or The Realm of Aku is because Jack shows Ashi the evil things Aku did to the world.
  • XCVII or as it is actually known as LVIII has two titles The Good deeds of Jack which is the opposite of the previous title as Ashi begins to understand the good deeds Jack did to the world and Ashi's Enlightenment where Ashi receives enlightenment after she understands what jack's good deeds did to the world
  • Both the episode titles for XCVIII which in reality is LIX How Jack lost his sword and regains it and How Jack got his sword back has a similar meaning it tells about how jack lost his sword and how he regains it and Balance is about Jack trying to regain his balance to control his emotions
  • My episode name for XCIX or LX is Jack and Ashi well you know, the growing romantic relationship between Jack and Ashi
  • Episode C or for me in reality Episode LXI has three names Jack's weakness ,Jack's fear or Jack's surrender .The two titles Jack's weakness and Jack's fear represent the weakness or fear to jack about not killing an innocent who was corrupted by evil like the transformed guardian rams from XCVIII for example , Jack's surrender represent that Jack surrendered to aku because of his fear
  • And the last one CI which is actually LXII is titled The End because this as we all know is going to be the real final episode of Samurai Jack to end with a resolve and the Final chapter to end this epic tale.Also it is opposite to the title of the first part of the premiere movie called The Beginning

What do you think of the my fanmade episode titles ?Do you like them? If you disagree with them, then come up with an alternate title for the season 5 episodes and write in the comments below  and they must be based on the episode titles from season 1-4.