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    April 30, 2017 by Khairiboss0601

    So, as you may have notice, i have brang up the comment section again! Yay!

    It was a decision that i felt to revert it back to comments as a response to see problems. Overall, i see negativity towards the talk pages so i have decided to bring up the comments!

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  • Khairiboss0601

    It has come to my attention that there has been fan-fic photos have been posted throughout the wiki, with yet, so many comments on that page.

    Which is why i am crossed about it, and the person who post fan-fic photos will have a 2-year ban in this wiki. I will be unfortunately sorry but if my 'three strikes, you're out!' rule doesng seem to work, then, i will have to do the hard way. Especially for the new users who have come to edit in this wiki.

    So, please, if you see a user upload/post fanfic photos or unrelevant photos not related to Samurai Jack on any page besides the user pages, then please report to us and the admins and we will deal with it.

    Discuss about this topic if you would like to...

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  • Khairiboss0601

    Hey there guys, so, as you may have known, Samurai Jack has been magnificent so lately. Now, in the homage of this wiki and in fact, for Samurai Jack, i would like to make a Twitter Account for Samurai Jack Wiki. But, i need a vote cause' some say its good, some say its bad.

    So, shall we now have a vote?

    Vote if you think Samurai Jack Wiki should have a Twitter account.

    Yes: 1

    No: 0

    Dont worry, ill update this. And btw, please, comment in the comment section, please. That would be much appreciated.

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  • Khairiboss0601

    Anybody thinking that we should make FusionFall articles to make sure it is seperated from the original characters' pages?

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  • Khairiboss0601

    Staff applications

    January 5, 2017 by Khairiboss0601

    So here, is the staff application that you guys can apply.

    I am in need of 2 administrators and 3 moderators.

    To become an admin:-

    • Need 200 edits.
    • Your editing is very good.
    • Never ever been banned by this wiki nor other wikis.
    • Contribute regularly, at least twice a week.

    To become a moderator:-

    • Need 50-100 edits.
    • The person is seen fixing mistakes.
    • Never ever been banned by this wiki nor other wikis.
    • Contribute regularly, at least once a week.

    I will soon make a status report of last year's.

    Please only apply here or else, it will be all over the place.

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