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    Here are my cringey and crappy reasons I wrote at 3 AM on why I hate Jashi. All reasons I HATE Jashi: 1. It was forced 2. It was not cute 3. It was executed like a bad fanfiction 4. It took up tons of screen time in episodes 8, 9, and 10. 5. It was so akward 6. It was VERY cliched 7. Jack was OOC (out of character) during the final episodes, an example is when he stopped caring about his friends WHO JUST DIED TO HELP HIM and ONLY cared about ASHI. His last conversation with the scotsman WAS ABOUT ASHI. 8. It partially ruined the ending 9. That kissing screenshot ALWAYS makes me cringe. 10. It was VERY erotic. 11. It didn't match the spirit of the show. 12. It KILLED Ashi's character, making her a plot device/ Self insert Mary Sue 13. I …

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