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Well of King Ozric

The Well of King Ozric is a magical well. It is on top of a tower on Mist-Shrowded Isle.

The Tower is guarded by the Blind Archers. The rat guardians are master archers who were once human and whom unwittingly gave their humanity to the well in exchange for skill in combat. The Well of King Ozric grants one wish to he who can reach it. Samurai Jack, constantly looking for any means of time travel, overheard this story while on passage of a ship when the former leader of an army which attacked the tower of the well was relating the story to another passenger. The Isle was shown as snowy when Jack ventured toward the well but it was seen as autumnal during the assault of the robot army. The Island is seen to be covered by tall trees and the tower of the well is in the center of a clearing in the middle of the island.

The well was destroyed when the archers, having been restored by firing arrows at each other in a carefully played move by Jack, warned him of the dishonest nature of the well. Jack then declared that he wished the well to be destroyed and struck it with his sword, vaporizing it. In Episode XCVII, it was revealed that Aku was responsible for the Well's curse.

After Aku was destroyed in the past by Jack in Episode CI, the well's corruption by Aku presumably was undone.

The Well's voice was provided by Kevin Michael Richardson.