Ezekiel Clench, aka Zeke was an American bounty hunter who tried to claim the bounty on Samurai Jack, was once married to Josephine and first appeared in Episode XXIX: Couple on a Train. He was voiced by John DiMaggio.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected his existence in the future.

Character Outline

Zeke was a tall, bearded bounty hunter who attempted to claim the bounty on Jack. His design is similar to the villainous cowboy stereotype, disheveled and unhygienic, sporting two mechanical hands with card suits on them. He also has a card with a black spade on his hat, and club shaped spurs on his boots. He is a rather rash man who rushes into a fight without thinking, which literally causes his downfall.

Abilities and Skills

Speed and strength: He is very quick and is able to run quite fast and hit very hard.

Gauntlets: His robotic hands contain a variety of tools and gadgets, such as finger pistols, a bolas launcher, wrist blades, a taser hand and a gatling gun. (The gauntlets' wrists have the four playing card suits - clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds - on them, and he changes the setting by turning the wrist so that the desired suit is on the back of the hand.)

Clubs: Bolas

Hearts: Taser

Spades: Pistols

Diamonds: Blades

Unknown: Gatling Gun

Expert Sharpshooter: He is an excellent marksman.

Expert Tracker: Being a bounty hunter he is very good at tracking down his targets.


  • Zeke has a poker card theme for his clothing, as they are found as his spurs, on his gauntlets, and as a card in his hat. The Ace of Spades is known as the Death Card, which fits with his work/profession as a Bounty Hunter.
  • When he uses one of his weapons by setting his gauntlet on a different suit, some of the weapons are fitting to the suit that which activates it:
    • Diamonds - Like a blade, diamonds are known to be one of the sharpest objects in the known world.
    • Hearts - Electricity is one of the more lethal ways to kill someone, as it can stop the heart if too much is applied.